James Marie Logo

Welcome to James Marie Farms

We are a Coturnix Quail Research, Development, Production Facility

Our Facility

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Custom Air Filtration System
  • Houses more than 12,000 Quails
  • 4,680 square foot State of the Art Quail Facility
  • Covered in Eco-friendly Soybean Foam Insulation
  • Unique Concrete Floor Design for Maintaining a Sanitary Facility
  • Actively Involved with Small Agri-Game Bird Production
  • Constructed Wet-Lands Designed by Louisiana State University, LSU, Department of Biological Agriculture Engineering for Waste Water Discharge.

Our Qualifications & Associations

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Louisiana Market Bulletin
  • Grown Bayou - Fresh Local Incentive Program
  • DHH, Department of Health and Hospitals, Certified
  • NPIP, National Poultry Improvement Plan, Certified
  • Facility Registered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • State Inspected & Certified Small Agri-Game Processing Facility

Hatching Eggs Available & Shipped Year Around in Common & Rare Varieties of Coturnix Quails

Contact us if Interested in Live Coturnix Quails